September 29, 2021


Seven has been capturing headlines in the industry. In fact, since Seven opened, the praise from experts far and wide has been almost non-stop. Here is just a sampling of the articles that have been written about Seven, highlighting everything from our revolutionary golf course and unique lifestyle to our awards and amenities.

Top 10 neighbourhoods according to Phoenix Magazine

Seven Desert Mountain was recently named one of the valley’s best neighborhoods of 2021 by Phoenix Magazine. With full membership, everything is your oyster. The article calls Seven Desert Mountain “an opulent lair hidden behind a fortress of foliage on Camelback Mountain,” perfect for zoom-fatigued luxury seekers looking to be near the action. Click here to view the full article.



Desert Mountain prepares to open seventh course as seen in American Golfer

Highlighting the imminent opening of the No. 7 course in the spring of 2019, this Golf Course Architecture article from February 8, 2019, mentions the course’s broad appeal to golfers of all playing levels, featuring streams, a large lake and views of the Phoenix valley and the mountains that surround it all. It includes a quote by Desert Mountain CEO Damon DiOrio, who says, “Not only does No. 7 maintain the high standards of golf we embrace throughout Desert Mountain, it provides even more experiences enabling golfers to reimagine how they play the sport.” Click here to view the full article.

Bucking the Trend: Desert Mountain’s Seven defies private club declines as seen in Golf Business

Despite an overall reduction in private golf facilities in the past 20 years, an April 1, 2019, article in Golf Business magazine reported that No. 7 at Desert Mountain was destined to be a glowing exception. Designed to be a unique balance between a championship, USGA-rated Par-54 experience and the ideal outing for families and new golfers, the community is seeing “unprecedented interest from potential new members and residents.” Click here for the full article.


Is Desert Mountain’s Seven the Future of Golf? As seen in

The new No. 7 at Desert Mountain represents an intriguing new trend in golf course design. At least, that’s according to a Golf Vacations magazine article from April 1, 2019. Desert Mountain already had six Jack Nicklaus-designed 18-hole courses at this point, placing the entire community in very rare company indeed. With the introduction of Seven Desert Mountain and its namesake golf course, the article asks, “What would the aptly named Seven Golf Course do for an encore?” The answer was to “split with the past and go bold.” And that’s exactly what they did. Click here to view article.

A new era at Desert Mountain Club as seen in Golf Pass

As one of the most aspirational luxury golf communities in the desert Southwest, Desert Mountain has been a dream destination for decades with its six Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses. Based on this April 4, 2019, article from NBC GolfPass, No. 7 at Desert Mountain is now looking to shake things up by “following a modern trend that golf needs to faster and more fun.” The result is a “versatile playground where beginners and good players can co-exist.” And the beginning of Desert Mountain’s new era of excellence. Click here to view article.


Focus on fun: Desert Mountain’s new par-3 course a great chance to chill in Arizona as seen in USA Today’s Golf Week

At the time this USAToday article was published, No. 7 at Desert Mountain had been open and winning fans for almost six months. According to Wendell Pickett, one of the golf course designers and Seven Desert Mountain resident who created the course along with Bill Brownlee, “The most important guiding principle was to just have fun.” From this article, it’s a mission that was – and continues to be – accomplished on a daily basis. Click here to view full article.


Desert Mountain Sets the Trend with Diversity of Home Product, Memberships as seen in Business Insider

Comparing mature golf communities, you might not expect the unprecedented success and growth North Scottsdale’s Desert Mountain has seen. Based on this November 7, 2019, article, much of this excitement can be attributed to the “recently unveiled Seven Desert Mountain residential enclave.” Offering expansive, modern models from three luxury builders, the homes feature “the highest level of craftsmanship, energy-efficient building methods, and ‘smart home’ technology” in one- and two-story floor plans. All of this has moved Desert Mountain beyond a retirement community. The result? “The average age of new members is 55, many with school-age children,” pumping new life into this and other communities like it. Click here to view full article.


Lucky Seven as seen in Golf Content Network

This Golf Content Network article, published in December of 2019, introduces readers—and golfers—to Seven Desert Mountain as the ultimate experience for the fortunate few. The biggest draw? The entire approach of designers Wendell Pickett and Bill Brownlee. Their goal was to create “a ratable short course, one of only two in the country.” In fact, they originally designed it for their wives, aiming for a course that was so playable, anyone could finish in a couple of hours. This fun, new kind of course is perfectly complimented by an exciting club house that offers views of bocce ball, the desert mountains and some of the most enjoyable golf you’ll ever experience. Click here to view article.


Seven Desert Mountain Clubhouse wins 2019 Platinum “Best in American Living Award” as seen in The Golf Wire

Highlighting just one of many honors Seven Desert Mountain has received since opening, this March 9, 2020, article in, reports on the 2019 Platinum “Best in American Living Award” Seven’s clubhouse won. Awarded to the best community facility annually by the National Association of Home Builders, the building is “set against a magnificent high desert backdrop with heated patio floors, 40-foot cantilevered hemlock overhangs with evaporative cooling, indoor-outdoor gastropub and bar areas, five fire pits, two fireplaces, and two bocce courts to create a family-friendly community gathering place.” The awards program is judged by eight of the top builders, architects, designers and land planners. Click here to view article.


U.S. Golf Communities for the Love of the Game as seen in Mansion Global

Included in Mansion Global magazine’s list of top golf communities in the country, this April 24, 2020, article evaluates its choices based on the most important factor: the course itself. One of just four communities mentioned, Desert Mountain is there not only for its six Jack Nicklaus-designed courses, but also due to No. 7, its newest and most unique course. According to the following quote from Troy Gillenwater of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty, “Golfers of every skill level will find impeccable course conditions, whether enjoying rolling fairways and dramatic elevation changes and sweeping desert vistas.” Click here to view article.


Arizona’s Desert Mountain Demos Real Estate Sales in Covid 19 Era as seen in Forbes

This Forbes magazine article, published in May of 2020, showcases the exceptional home sales success Desert Mountain has seen, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. By offering the Desert Mountain Dream Home Tour “to showcase featured listings at Desert Mountain and its newest community, Seven Desert Mountain” potential homebuyers were able to virtually visit an entire collection of available luxury homes. Desert Mountain also hosts a YouTube platform offering a number of channels that feature virtual tours, testimonials from current members and coverage of community events. Click here to view article


And this is just a small sampling of the publications and articles that feature Desert Mountain – and Seven Desert Mountain in particular. To get a better sense of everything it offers you, schedule your in-person visit today by calling 480-596-4110.